The Greatest Hijacker on the Path of Sulook

Many people set out on the road of Sulook to reach Allah Ta’ala, but they seldom reach their destination. Maulana Rumi (Rahmatullah Alaihi) gives the example of a person who set out to hunt
deer. He proudly proclaimed to himself, “Today, I will definitely slay a deer.” However, before he could procure his quest, a wild boar rushed forth from the undergrowth, grabbed him firmly in its strong jaws and
began chewing him with its long fangs. He, in great consternation and Manifestation Of Allah’s Attraction remorse, reproached himself, “O Allah Ta’ala! I set out in the quest for deer but here I am in the jaws of this swine.”

Many are those who became the friends of Allah Ta’ala, attained the connection of the Siddiqeen (the highest level of friendship of Allah Ta’ala) but, at the crucial moment, the wild boar of Nafs took
them in its jaws and led them astray towards sin. Today there is no limit to their dishonor and disgrace. The wild Nafs has engulfed them and is blocking the path to the Creator. They set out in search of Allah
Ta’ala but were conquered by Nafs and became involved in sin. The true wrestler is the one who overpowers and conquers his Nafs and submits to the will of Allah Ta’ala. The one who outwardly displays
strength and tries to establish one’s power over others by proclaiming, “Do you not know who I am, with a single punch I will knock you out.” The display of strength is superficial and in reality, one is caught
in the jaws of the wild boar, Nafs. He is not even aware of the fact that in the universe there is nobody as weak and cowardly as himself. It is, therefore, extremely important and necessary to have the concern to work to overpower the internal enemy, Nafs. Perform two Rakaats Salaatul Hajat daily and humbly beg Allah Ta’ala, “O Allah Ta’ala, I repent from my sins but as You know my Taubahrepeatedly breaks. Please assist me.” Make sure Nafs do not hunt the hunter of Sulook (travelling towards Allah Ta’ala).

Ah! May Allah Ta’ala send thousands and millions of mercies on the Messenger Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) who has informed us, “O you who believe! The greatest enemy lies within you
which is called Nafs.” Who prompts one to all types of misdemeanors and evils, the taking and eating of bribes, who derives enjoyment from Haraam (unlawful) pleasures? It is none other than Nafs. In proportion to the number of sins that man commits, his Nafs becomes progressively stronger. The sustenance of Nafs is disobedience while the nourishment of the soul is obedience.


Manifestation Of Allah’s Attraction