For Muslim Women – Their Special Rewards

For Muslim Women

  1. A pious, practicing woman is superior to 70 Saints.
  2. An immoral woman is worst than 1000 immoral men.
  3. A pregnant woman’s 2 Rakaats Salaat is better than 80 Rakaats of a woman who is not pregnant.
  4. A woman who breast feeds her baby is rewarded for each drop of milk.
  5. A woman who welcomes and comforts her troubled husband is given the reward equal to half a Jihaad.
  6. A woman who is kept awake for the entire night because of her child’s crying, is given the reward of having freed 20 slaves.
  7. When a man looks at his wife with mercy and a wife looks at her husband with mercy then Allah Ta’ala looks at both of them with mercy.
  8. A woman who sends her husband out in the path of Allah and she remains in her home, maintaining her honour and dignity, she will enter Jannat 500 years before her husband and she will have 70,000 angels and damsels of Jannat to serve her. This woman will be given a bath in Jannat and she will be mounted upon a “ruby” (precious stone) horse, awaiting her husband.
  9. A woman who is deprived of sleep because of her child’s illness and she tries to comfort the child, then Allah Ta’ala forgives all her sins and gives her the reward of 12 years of accepted worship.
  10. A woman who reads “Bismillah” before kneading the dough, Allah Ta’ala grants her barakah (blessing) in her sustenance.
  11. Allah curses that woman who gazes at Ghair-Mahram (i.e. men whom she is islamically allowed to marry.) As it is prohibited (Haraam) for men to look at strange women similarly, it is haraam for women to look at strange men.
  12. A woman who engages in Zikr while sweeping her home receives the reward equal to sweeping the Ka’bah.
  13. When a child’s breast-feeding time is completed then an angel descends from the heavens and gives glad tidings to the mother that, oh woman! Allah has made Jannat waajib upon you.
  14. A woman who is punctual with her Salaat and Fasting, remains chaste and is obedient to her husband, will be given the option to enter Jannat from which ever door she pleases. (Mishkaat) 15. The Salaat of two people does not rise above their heads, the one is a slave that escapes from his master and the other is the woman who is disobedient to her husband.
  15. A pregnant woman’s day is counted as though she has fasted and her night as though she has spent it in worship.
  16. When a woman gives birth then she receives the reward for 70 years Salaat and Fasting, and for the difficulties she endures during child-birth she receives the reward of a Hajj for every vain that is subjected to the pain.