Those with whom Nikah is Haram – Part 2

 Those with whom Nikah is Haram


If a boy touches his step-mother with an evil intention, she will become haram on her husband. There is no way in which she can be halal for him. If the step-mother touches her step-son with an evil intention, the same rule will apply.

A Muslim woman cannot marry a man who belongs to any other religion. She can only marry a Muslim man.

A woman’s husband divorced her or he passed away. As long as she does not complete her iddah, she cannot marry anyone else.

Once a woman marries a man, she cannot marry another person unless and until she is divorced by this person and also completes her iddah.

If a woman is not married and she falls pregnant due to adultery, it will be permissible to marry her. However, it will not be permissible to have intercourse with her until she delivers the child. But if the woman marries the same person who had committed adultery with her, it will be permissible for the person to have intercourse with her.

If a person has four wives, he cannot marry a fifth woman. If he happens to divorce one of his four wives, another woman cannot marry him until the one who is divorced completes her iddah.

The marriage of a Sunni girl with a Shi’ah man is not permissible according to the majority of the ‘ulama.