Advices of Hazrat Hajee Muhammad Farooq sahib رحمه الله

– Khalifa of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah رحمه الله

First ensure your own comfort. Eating and making Shukr can sometimes be better that fasting and making sabr.

Cure the malady of jealousy.

Do not utilize the wealth of anyone without the happy consent of the owner.

You will not be able to exercise generosity outside the home until you have firstly practiced this with your wife and children. In fact, this domestic generosity is better that nafl sadaqah outside the home.

Do not envy or become jealous of the favours and bounties of others. Instead, praise such people and make dua for the protection and increase of their possessions. Insha-Allah:” in so doing you, too, will be endowed and blessed with similar bounties.

Contemplate (as a cure for jealousy) the great boon of Imaan which Allah Ta’ala, has granted you without asking for it.

Advices of  Hazrat Hajee Muhammad Farooq sahib رحمه الله


Source:  The Cure for Jealousy