According to Shaikh Aarif Abu Turaab Bakhshni (rahmatullah alayh) when the heart of a man turns away from Allah Ta`ala in consequence of his addiction to disobedience and transgression, he makes the Auliyaa a target for criticism. He denies and ridicules them. (This is a sign of Allah’s curse on such a person).
Shaikh Aarif Abul Fawaaris Shah Bin Shujaa Kirmaani (rahmatullah alayh) said that there is no Ibaadat better than love for the Auliyaa of Allah Ta`ala. Love for the Auliyaa is a sign of love for Allah Ta`ala. (This is based on the Hadith: “Good Suhbat (i.e. companionship of the Auliyaa) is better than good deeds.”)


ONCE Hadhrat Ibraahim Bin Adham passed by a shepherd who was tending to his flock. He asked

the shepherd if he had any water or milk. The shepherd asked: “What do you prefer – milk or

water?” Ibn Adham said: ‘Water’.

The shepherd struck his staff on a rock and water gushed from it. The water was colder than ice

and sweeter than honey. Hadhrat Ibraahim Bin Adham drank of the water, and stood bewildered.

The shepherd commented: “Don’t be surprised. When the servant obeys His Rabb, then everything

obeys him (the servant).”