Things that one should abstain from when passing stool or urinating

Things that one should abstain from when passing stool or urinating

To talk.

To cough unnecessarily.

To read some verse of the Quran, Hadith, or respected thing.

To take something to the toilet on which the following things are written: the name of Allah, any prophet, any angel, or any respected person; any verse of the Quran, Hadith, or dua. But if these things are in the pocket, or wrapped in a taweez (amulet), then there’s no harm in this.To relieve one’s self in a standing or lying down position without any genuine excuse.

To remove all the clothes and relieve one’s self completely naked.

To make istinja with the right hand.

To face the moon or sun, or to turn one’s back towards them while one is passing stool or urinating is makruh. It is also makruh to do the same on the bank of a river, pond, etc. even if the impurity does not fall inside. Similarly, it is makruh to do this under trees in whose shade people sit, or under fruit and flowering trees where people sit in winter in order to get some sunshine. It is makruh tahrimi (extremely detestable) to do this in the following places: among animals, very close to the musjid or eid-gah whereby the foul smell disturbs the musallis, in a grave yard, at a place where people make wudhu or ghusl, on the road, in the direction of the wind, in a hole, on the road-side, near a caravan or some gathering. In other words, it is makruh to relieve one’s self in such a place where people move around and thereby causethem discomfort; and also in such a place where the impurity can flow back towards the person.