Rajaa (Hope in Allah’s Mercy)


Rajaa (Hope in Allah’s Mercy)

All praises are due unto Allah alone. Durood and Salaams be upon Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

Says Allah, Most High: “Do not despair of the Rahmat of Allah…”

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “If even the Kaafir realises the extent of Allah’s Rahmat (mercy), he too will not lose hope of Jannat.”After much toil and sacrifice during the month of Ramadaan, after depriving oneself of sleep and food, the heart becomes fertile for reaching out to the bounties of Allah.

The soil has been tilled; the seeds now need to be planted.

The spiritual heart’s tranquillity makes it extremely productive to expand and yearn for the Divine Bounties of Allah Ta’ala.

The first bounty of Allah is Maghfirat (forgiveness). Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam displayed his utmost annoyance at that person who at the end of Ramadaan does not succeed in obtaining Allah’s forgiveness. That heart that tried and cried, that heart that bled and wept with Allah’s obedience – that heart perceived the Greatness of Allah even as it was shamed by its sin, that heart will enjoy the announcement made by the Angels after the Salaah of Eid.

“You have laboured and your reward is due. Go forth, you are forgiven on the oath of Allah’s Grandeur and Splendour!”

Such is the Royal Decree! Such is the announcement made on the Order of  Rahmaan!

The second bounty is Rahmat (mercy). Forgiveness means that Jahannam has been made Haraam. Far, far away a person will be kept from Jahannam. But Jannah, that is another matter. The key to the doors of Jannah is Allah’s Rahmat (mercy). In a Hadith, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has informed us that ultimately everyone will enter into Jannah solely and purely through the Mercy of Allah.

Surely, no one can produce a single deed worthy of acceptance in the Divine Court.


Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi alyah narrated the following story:

Once there was a drought in a certain village. An old lady told her son to attend the king’s birthday and gift him with the precious container of water which she had stored away for some time.

The son accordingly set of to the capital which was a far away. After several days of travelling, he arrives at the palace and awaits his turn to greet the king. When eventually his chance arrives, he joyously informs the king that he had brought a precious gift. The king was amazed and inquired what the gift was. The youngster replied that since there is a drought he had brought a container of water.

The container of water was opened which had a putrid smell and slimy water!  What the youngster and his mother were unaware about is that there was no drought in the capital.

The king took aside an aide and told him to empty the container and fill it with precious stones such as diamonds and rubies. He also instructed the aide to escort the youngster pass all the canals and rivers in the city.

This was done. The youngster was overcome with shame and regret.

He reached home with the heavy container and a heavier heart. He told his mother that there was no drought where the king lived and that they had shown extreme disrespect by gifting a container filled with old slimy water. He wailed with regret at the huge blunder they had made.

The mother consoled him and told him not to worry. The king was a gracious person, filled with compassion and understanding. Surely he would not focus on the container but being wise, would rather look at their intentions. Surely, he would not spurn her sincere gift.

She instructed her son to open the heavy container. Lo and behold! Splendorous gems worth many years of toil glittered! The king had rewarded them splendidly for their supreme display of love.

O, brothers and sisters in Islam!

How imperfect and impatient were we not with our fasts? How restless and fidgety were we during Taraweeh time? How haphazard was our recitation of His Kalaam?

But, by Allah! Much more benevolent and gracious than that king is Allah Jalla Shaanuhu. He saw and witnessed our broken efforts. He observed our feeble and weak actions. He is aware of our half hearted deeds and our wayward thoughts. But, He is Rahmaan and He is Raheem. He is Ghafoor and He is Ghaffaar. He is Kareem (One who gives without someone deserving) and He is Shakoor (One who displays appreciation).

“And verily this here is your reward, and your efforts were indeed appreciated” (Surah Dahr)

And, by Allah! He will return all our smelly, slimy deeds in containers filled with Rahm and with gifts which, “No eye had seen, no ears had heard and the thought which had not passed any heart.”

And, by Allah! For that is why we Love Him, for that we adore Him, for that we respect Him and for that we Worship Him…even though the Mushrikeen and the Kaafireen may be displeased with us.

O Allah, we implore You to be pleased with us, forgive us, and have Mercy upon us. We thank You and You alone for assisting us to be obedient unto Your Divine Command. You gave us the strength to fast. You gave us the strength to stand. You gave us the strength to be strong. Please keep on guiding us on the Path of Your Pleasure, O our Rabb. There is no other Pleasure worthy besides Yours. Unto You do we belong and unto You is our return.