Illicit relationship

Q. A man struck up an illicit affair with a woman. Driven by insane lust he took a qasam to give her a certain amount on a monthly basis. He has now come to his senses and wishes to sever his relationship with the woman. Is he still obligated to give the monthly sum over which he took an oath?


A. The oath was over a haraam and sinful act. Therefore, it is waajib to break the oath. If he does not break the oath he will be sinful. In other words, he has to incumbently and immediately sever all relations with her and not give her the monthly sum. In lieu of the broken oath he will have to compulsorily give kaffaarah which is feeding ten poor Muslims or giving each one the equivalent of the Fitrah amount. If he opts to feed, then he may feed ten poor baaligh Muslims two meals or alternately feed one poor baaligh Muslim two meals for ten days.