Shaytaan’s Profile

Name: Iblees

Name often referred by: Shaytan (Satan)

Other names: Ahirman, Narayanan, Aman, Serpen, Satin, Devil, the ‘whisperer’

What is he made from: Fire

Family/Descent: Jinn

Classified as Evil or Good? : Evil

His Enemy: Every human being and jinn. Allah Ta’ala [even though he knows that Allah Ta’ala is greater than him and that Allah Ta’ala will doom him.]

Location: Everywhere; he prefers dirty areas, and he dislikes areas where Allah’s name is mentioned. He is locked up during the month of Ramadan.

Destination: Hell-Fire /Jahannum

Motive: To misguide people; to bring as many jinn and humans as possible to Hell with him

What he likes:

He loves it when people swear, cheat, steal, date.
He absolutely *LOVES* it when people delay their prayers
he likes to eat with people who don’t mention Allah’s Ta’ala name
he likes to be the third when a non-mahram guy and girl are alone with each other in an enclosed room (where no one could hear them/see them).

HE ABSOLUTELY loves it when people watch bad movies and T.V shows, as well as lwaste time on facebook and the like.
MUSIC: he LOVES music (bad music AS well as the ones with instruments).
HE LOVES it when people listen to music…especially the one’s that have female singers and the ones that talk about dating, sex, drugs. . .He likes it nice and
loud…oh and if you REALLY want to please him..sing along…oh DANCE too..(in a public mixed environment).

Conclusively, Shaytan likes for people to be doomed..he likes to misguide people and lead them astray. He does this, laughs, and declares complete innocence from doing so.

*WHOEVER wants to please Shaytan..If you want to make him smile..let him win..DO THIS STUFF!!!! If you do this stuff..YOU’RE practically WORSHIPPING him…. you’re letting his EVERY dream and
wish come true….

What he dislikes:

He HATES it when people pray.
HE totally hates it when people read Qur’an and make dhikr…he doesn’t like it when people remember and acknowledge Allah Ta’ala.
He really doesn’t like it when people want to please Allah Ta’ala.
Hates for people to wake up for Fajr.
HE DOES NOT LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE are kind to their parents.
He asks teenagers to shout at their parents and demand rights.
He lets all the teenagers know that their parents do NOT control them and have no authority over them whatsoever.
Kind words, patience, love, smiles, care—HE DETESTS IT.
He doesn’t like people who Fear Allah Ta’ala.

Chapter (35) sūrat fāṭir (The Originator)

“Indeed, Satan is an enemy to you; so take him as an enemy. He only invites his party to be among the companions of the Blaze.”