9.6 Favours of Buzrugs from Different Sufi Orders

Besides Buzrugs of the same path Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi never held himself back from visiting and deriving the suhbat of Buzrugs of different Sufi Orders.

[However, Hazrat Thanwi (Nawwarallahu Marqadahu) in later life warned against meeting all Buzrugs and sundry. “I pass on mashwarah to my friends that this is dangerous,” he said. Refer to Al-Ifaazaatul Yaumiyyah, V.6 p.238, Idaarah Taaleefaat-e-Ashrafiyyah print. And in his lecture, Taqleelul Ikhtilaat Ma’al Anaam Hazrat Thanwi thoroughly discouraged this practice. Refer to the lecture for all the details.]

Hearing of a Saheb-e-Nazar [Buzrug with a strong spiritual state and powerful spiritual gaze] he would be restless to come to his service to gain spiritual grace. Towards this end he withstood the austerity of safar as well, on many occasions. This indicates his sincerity and impartiality. Hereunder we will reproduce details of meetings with some of these Buzrugs.