Preparation for Maut – Daily Chart and Guidelines

All praises are due unto Allah Alone.


Durood and Salaams be upon Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.


This chart and booklet is meant to inculcate noble habits in one by helping him to track his daily activities.


Shaytaan was one who once had ample knowledge and made plenty of Ibaadah. However, he was bereft of Tarbiyat (spiritual reformation). Thus, instead of his knowledge benefitting him, it destroyed him. Instead of his knowledge leading him towards humility, it made him proud. Instead of cloaking himself with gratitude, Shaytaan adorned himself with the robes of arrogance. Ultimately, he not only ruined himself, but took an oath to ruin all of mankind. May Allah Ta’ala save us all from his clutches and mischief, Aameen.


The following notes may assist, Insha-Allah:

  • The chart should be filled in daily.
  • One should be truthful when one fills in the chart.
  • One should exercise effort in correcting oneself when one errs.
  • Even if the one does not make Amal (practice) upon much, one should still continue filling in the chart. At least one will be reminded of what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided.
  • This chart is not a fully comprehensive chart for spiritual reformation and serves as a starter pack which focuses at the outset on Ibaadah and daily practices.
  • Seeing as during the lockdown some of us may not be able to attend the Masaajid.  Those places to be filled in regarding the Masjid can be done once the Masaajid are reopened. We should also make heartfelt and burning Dua that Allah Ta’aala reopens our Massajid for us. Aameen.


We request Du’aas.


May Allah Ta’ala accept this humble effort. Aameen


Click here to download the chart:

Preparation for Maut – Daily Chart

Click here to download the guidelines:

Preparation for Maut – Guidelines for Daily Chart