Impure oil fell on one’s clothing but the extent of it was less than three centimetres in diameter. However, after some time it spread and became more than three centimetres in diameter. As long as it was less, it will be excused. But once it spreads beyond the limit, it will not be excused. Washing it off will be wajib. If it is not washed off, salaat will not be valid.

The blood of fish is not impure. There is no harm if it falls on a person. The same applies to the blood of flies, bugs and mosquitos.

If a drop of urine equal to the eye of a needle falls, and it cannot be seen except after very careful examination, then there’s no harm in it. It is not obligatory to wash it off, but to do so is preferable.

If a najaasat which can be seen, such as stool or blood, falls on the clothing, it should be washed until the najaasat is removed and no stain remains. There is no limit to the number of times it should be washed – the moment the najaasat is removed, it will become pure. The same rule applies when it falls on the body.

However, if the najaasat is removed in the first instance, it will be better to wash it two more times. And if it is removed in the second time, it will be better to wash it one more time. In other words, it is preferable to wash it three times.

If the najaasat is such that despite washing it several times and despite it being removed, the foul smell still remains or some stain is still there. Even in this instance, the clothing will be purified. It is not necessary to use any soap or detergents in order to get rid of the smell or stain.

If any impurity similar to urine which cannot be seen, falls on the clothing; then it should be washed three times. Each time that it is washed, the water should be squeezed out of it. After washing it the third time, the cloth should be wrung with full force – only then will it be purified. If it is not wrung with full force, the cloth will not be purified.

If any impurity falls on such a thing which cannot be wrung or squeezed, such as a bed, mat, jewellery, sand, utensils, bottles, shoes, etc., then the method of purifying these things is as follows: the item should be washed once and then the person should wait. When the water is dripping from it, it should be washed a second time. When the water is dripping, it should be washed a third time. In this way it will be purified.